Kingsbridge Matters is proud to be working with the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Malton to offer these programs:

Seniors Programs

The Seniors programs help provide physical and mental wealth with interactive group sessions that cater to our seniors accessible and inclusive activities. This motivates Seniors to push towards a healthy active lifestyle. Our goal is to boost as well as improve the confidence and wellbeing of all our seniors by the end of each program session.

  • Monday programs: Various yoga exercises, Wellness components, Guided face massage and Brain dance
  • Tuesday programs: Zumba or Technology 101 featuring various technology tutorials
  • Wednesday programs: Body tapping (Chinese Acupuncture), Wellness components, Guided face massage and Health discussions
  • Thursday programs: Various yoga exercises, Wellness components and Guided face massage
  • Friday programs: Various yoga exercises and Tea time
  • Sunday programs: Various yoga exercises

Click on here to find out the timings for the programs offered.

Please call (905) 781-9488 or email to register with Gaya Nagendra, Program Coordinator or contact us here.

Please note: These programs are currently online only and 100 people is the capacity for the Zoom call.

Family Programs

Coming Soon to our community to bring your family and our community closer together.

Please contact us here , if you are interested, so we can update you when the family programs are available

Youth Programs

The youth programs are designed to better prepare each adolescent into strong young adults. Providing our youth with the knowledge they need in building positive relationships, careers, goals, mindfulness and leadership is critical. Thus, our programs mentor and support our youth so that they are confident in who they are or who they may become.

We require a total of 15 students to run the youth program, so please contact us here or call Gaya Nagendra, Program Coordinator at
(905) 781-9488 or email to let us know you are interested.

Kids Programs

The kids programs are here to support the emotional, physical, and social development of kids through a safe learning environment. We provide programs that engage learning through a variety of games, arts & crafts, exercises and educational presentations which emphasizes the importance of each of the developmental factors. Together let’s prepare our children to become strong, healthy and charismatic individuals.

Kids coding programs are coming soon !

Please contact us here so we can update you when the kids programs are available.


Kingsbridge Matters is excited to be collaborating with Skills4Life to be bring additional programs in the near future to the Kingsbridge community.

Please find the current programs that focus on financial literacy, self-discovery, experiential learning and career development offered by Skills 4 Life here:

These programs are designed to educate youth on the importance of Life Skills development while helping them plan their future and goals through connecting with people, group and organizations in order to build strong partnerships and enhance civic engagement.

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